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DD Audio

DD Audio 600F Series Power Tuned Subwoofer

DD Audio 600F Series Power Tuned Subwoofer

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The 600 Series offers a wide range of DD AUDIO’s most popular Power Tuned Subwoofers designed for remarkable power handling, to be a serious bassheads daily driver.

Precision engineered, thermal cooling enhancements, from the proven Free Flow Cooling System on all models to the cutting-edge aluminum heat sinks on the new “f” revision, let you play longer, while the tall surrounds, high-temp voice coils, and high excursion spiders let you play harder.

All of them incorporate the very best component parts and the newest models feature the latest in state-of-the-art design to ensure maximum efficiency for a power range that serves the daily driver but borders on competition grade performance. They are not for the faint of bass


  • Free Flow Cooling System
  • High-temp Voice Coil
  • Triple Layer Spider System
  • Unique glass fiber and natural pulp cone
  • Extended pole piece
  • Cast aluminum basket

What’s new in the “f” Revision

  • Includes All Standard Series Features Listed
  • Taller Surrounds Double Stitched to Fiberglass Loaded Non-Pressed Cones
  • Longer Voice Coil Winding Lengths and Top Plate Thickness Increased to 15mm Resulting in an Xmax of 22mm
  • Cast Aluminum Dual Stage Heat Sink with Polished Aluminum DD Logos
  • Premium Rubber Boot with New Embossed Design


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